• Evan Marshall

TavTalk with Evan Marshall

Quizmaster – Northcote Tavern Wednesday ‘Believe it or Not?’ Quiz Night, from 7.30pm

Evan Marshall is the dynamo behind the weekly Wednesday quiz nights that are growing in popularity at Northcote Tavern. During February, Aidan Bennett caught up for a chat with Evan about the quiz nights and why he enjoys the tavern.

AIDAN BENNETT: Tell us about the quiz nights. Every Wednesday I understand?
Yep that's right, every Wednesday at 7.30pm. We cover a pretty broad range of topics, ranging through music, geography, TV and cinema, animal knowledge, food, art and literature; pretty much anything and everything! It's got a multimedia component so lots of music and videos to keep things entertaining and questions for young and old alike.

AB: You’ve built up quite a dedicated group of participants since these started in mid-2019?
We've got about five teams of dedicated regulars who show up every week and on a busy night we'll have up to 12 teams competing. Makes for a great atmosphere! People can get pretty animated when they think they know an answer, ha, ha. We always welcome more teams though, so come along.

AB: While you live at Hobsonville Point, I understand this area of the Shore is a favourite?
Yeah I had a flat in the Point in my mid-twenties and spent many a Friday night down at the Tavern so I know the area well. There's a nice little community round here and lots of our regulars are from the area, although we do get people coming from all over Northcote, Birkenhead, and the surrounding area to try and test their knowledge.

AB: What is your day job?
I'm a Sales Manager for a signwriting supply company – dealing with clients in the signage industry.

AB: What is your favourite tipple (drink) when you visit the Tavern?
They've got Little Creatures on tap there which is a great choice or if I'm feeling old-fashioned I'll take an ice cold Guinness.

AB: The Tavern has a reputation for great pub food as well. Do you have something on the menu that’s a favourite?
They do a fantastic burger! I've had my eye on the Steak and Guinness Pie for a while though and haven't tried it so that might be next!

AB: What is it that you enjoy about the Northcote Tavern?
It's really one of the last great Kiwi pubs. Ange and Sara who run it are potentially the nicest people in the world and because the regulars are so loyal it's just so homely. Like walking into Cheers!

AB: Why should people come along and join in the Wednesday night quiz at the Tavern?
It's a great way to break up the work week that's social and fun but also interesting and entertaining. It's competitive, you can have a couple of jars, a good laugh and let everyone know how clever you are!

AB: What is your favourite quiz question that usually stumps the audience…?
Everyone thinks they're a movie/TV buff until they hear a theme song they've heard a million times but they can't name the show it's from. That's a particularly fun form of torture, ha, ha.