Arts Q & A: Bronwyn Turei

Bronwyn Turei is an actor performing in the play 'Rants in the dark' at The Bruce Mason Centre 16-18 May. She lives in Beach Haven and loves playing her guitar, being near the ocean and eating chocolate. 

Tell us about your special interest or expertise in the arts?
I’d like to think of myself as a jack of all trades, master of none kinda actress. I’ll give anything a darn good try. I adore singing over acting. I enjoy creating characters, love stage combat and dancing is super fun (even though I’m not the best at it). I can juggle (sort of) and I’ve just recently learned mask and puppetry. Also I’m really good at playing dead. 

What most excites you about being involved in the arts?
Everything. There’s no limit to what you can experience or achieve if you chase it. I am endlessly excited by telling stories and connecting with an audience. There’s truly nothing like the magic of being in a room full of strangers all going on the same journey. 

Name three people in the arts who most inspire you – and why:
1. Jennifer Ward-Lealand: she is New Zealand arts royalty. Jennifer continues everyday to teach us how to be fierce practitioners through respect, grace and kindness. She is always giving of herself and is still blazing her own trail. 

2. Lyndee-Jane Rutherford, our ‘Rants in the Dark’ Director/Writer/Creator/Queen. This woman sees the world in such beautiful colours and tells stories from her soul. She is empathy, she is determination, focus, imagination, fearlessness, and funny as hell! 

3. Monique Meredith (Bree), my darling gorgeous Go Girl bestie, who has not only for the last eight years been raising two amazing children while being a badass PT Boxing Trainer, but has also been keeping her passion for acting alive by chasing every single opportunity. I am so proud of her recent successes as the hard nosed Detective Nat on Shortland Street. Mana Wahine! 

Please tell us about your latest arts experience and what it meant to you:
Just recently I was called in to fly to Wellington and replace an actor last minute who had fallen ill. I had a week to learn an entire show of mask, multiple characters and puppetry. Even though I was intimidated, I was also pretty excited and hungry for the challenge. We have just performed to the children for the holidays and it warms my heart to hear them gasp and giggle. So cool!

Please complete this sentence: The arts are….
...the most important tool to teach compassion, nurture creativity and bring a community together. T(he arts) HEARTS!

Issue 98 May 2019