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The Polish Studio adds a touch of luxury in Mairangi Bay

Mairangi Bay Village People

Nicole Harvey is co-owner of small but perfectly formed The Polish Studio. She shares how they love to help...

issue 104 november 2019

Getting the diamond treatment in Mairangi Bay

Mairangi Bay Village People

FaceTime Skin Clinic owner Melissa Gladding shares her business story and her team's love of transforming...

issue 101 august 2019

Say goodbye to tired-looking eyes.

The stats are in – tired-looking eyes are what we consider our biggest detracting factor. And it’s no...

issue 101 august 2019

Sex, Botox, Hormones and Skin Care

– Dr Cat 's new Takapuna business

When people talk about natural-looking cosmetic medicine results, one pioneering leader usually comes to mind...

issue 100 july 2019