Milford’s a people place

Milford Town Centre is such a people-orientated community. My column for this month is all about our people and...

issue 112 august 2020

Takapuna Beach Cafe gets an unscheduled renovation!

The lockdown period proved to be doubly problematic for Takapuna’s iconic beachside cafe, the Takapuna Beach...

issue 110 june 2020

Goodside at Smales Farm a big hit!

Smales Farm’s Goodside hospitality precinct has quickly become a favourite with the local community and as a...

issue 108 april 2020

Hearty hot roast meals in the heart of Milford

Dine-in or take away.

Just how does someone from Montenegro, a country on the coast of the Balkans, end up owning a roast meal business in...

issue 108 april 2020