Waste not, want not

The amount of waste that we are producing is becoming a serious issue and having a disastrous impact on our...

issue 92 october 2018

Miss Earth New Zealand loves her Milford Beach life

My Shore Life: Jzayla Hughey

Jzayla Hughey is passionate about our planet. So much so, she won the title of Miss Earth New Zealand 2018 and...

issue 92 october 2018

New Zealand Festival of Architecture events in Birkenhead

During September, Birkenhead will host three activities as part of the 2018 Festival of Architecture. The...

issue 91 september 2018

Rothesay Bay artist is passionate about clean oceans

Channel People: Cate Dine

Cate Dine is a modern gem who is dedicated to preserving our oceans by cleaning up our North Shore beaches and...

issue 91 september 2018