Vive La France! Vive La Milford!

– Saturday February 27th

Hello to all our Milford customers. Wow! Wasn’t it great to get away for a break from life as it had been in...

issue 116 february 2021

Your ultimate summer destination

Talking Takapuna: Takapuna Beach Business Association NEWS

We hope everyone had a wonderful New Year and that you are having an amazing start to 2021 so far! Takapuna was...

issue 116 february 2021

Need to send gifts or a care pack to your special people?

We’re approaching the end of the year and we’re starting to consider the Christmas shopping frenzy....

issue 114 october-november 2020

Take Note's Book Review

THIS MONTH'S HOT READ: Miss Benson’s Beetle by Rachel Joyce Rachel Joyce, well-known for The...

issue 114 october-november 2020