Health, Fitness & Wellbeing

Keeping your mind and body healthy

This week New Zealanders are coming to terms with a new normal. It’s a global crisis but every person is...

issue 108 april 2020

The Human Appendix

As I see it - by John Appleton

Many of us have had appendicitis which resulted in the removal of the appendix in an operation known as an...

issue 108 april 2020

Take care and share a smile!

Waking up in the world sure is interesting and at the best of times. Every day we have perceptions that can get in...

issue 108 april 2020

Talking Takapuna

As the warm weather continues, so do the opportunities to get out and about and soak up some of late summer sun. There are so many shows, events and activities happening around Takapuna, they provide the perfect chance to gather...

issue 107 march 2020