Husband has a concerning mole on his back

The Skin Cancer Channel with MoleMan Dr Grant Coe

Question: I’ve just noticed that a mole on my husband’s back has become quite dark, almost black. I...

issue 96 march 2019

North Shore - an environment for the active

The North Shore enjoys a thriving sporting community, so for visitors seeking to be active during their stay there...

issue 95 february 2019

Isaac Rhodes Cooper (1819-1889) and the North Shore

In November 1852, 33-year-old Captain Cooper of the 58th Regiment purchased around 38 acres of land in what is now...

issue 95 february 2019

Good performances at national bowls champs

Bowls North Harbour, with Lindsay Knight

Two North Harbour centre representatives, Orewa’s Wendy Jensen and Serena Goddard, a member of the Belmont...

issue 95 february 2019