Retirement Living

Riding the change

In a changing world, one question that continues to surface is: Why have electric bikes become so popular, and how...

issue 148 december-january 2023

Refined coastal living at its best

Omana North in the heart of Milford

Nestled in the heart of Milford, Omana North stands as a symbol of refined coastal living. This recently...

issue 148 december-january 2023

Hear for the holidays!

The upcoming holiday parties, gatherings and social events are a fun time for celebrating and reconnecting....

issue 147 november 2023

Gum health's crucial role in preventing systemic diseases

Unlocking the vital link

Mint Dental Hygiene, led by Nova Edgcombe, unveils the crucial link between gum health and systemic diseases like...

issue 147 november 2023