The Bays

More heart in the village - Waipapa apartments

Waipapa takes its identity from the name given to this area by M ā ori , the literal translation...

issue 126 december-january 2021

Bayswater Marina Precinct

The team at Bayswater Marina are very excited about the notification of the development of the marina land. The...

issue 125 november 2021

Don Gillespie’s legacy lives on at Mairangi Bay club

North Harbour Bowls with Lindsay Knight

Mairangi Bay’s feat in providing the two men’s finalists for the recent Bowls North Harbour Winter Cup...

issue 123 september 2021

Social Science students explore New Zealand

At Rangitoto College, we embrace learning in the field to support our classroom learning. Social sciences offer our...

issue 123 september 2021