Wedding season about to begin

St Leonard's Chapel and Gardens is looking forward to our busiest spring season yet, and we only have a few days in summer still available. So if you are planning your wedding and want a unique wedding venue on Auckland’s...

issue 102 september 2019

Sunday styling sessions popular at Painted Bird

Throughout last month, on Sunday afternoons, Painted Bird in Milford's main street hosted four Sunday Style...

issue 102 september 2019

Community spirit thrives in this hair salon

Mairangi Bay Village People

Introducing Michelle Budge, founder of The Hair Dresser, who is as passionate about hair as she is about...

issue 100 july 2019

Health & Beauty Q&A: Nicole Harvey

Nicole Harvey is the co-owner of The Polish Studio, Mairangi Bay and lives in Torbay. Looking back, moving...

issue 95 february 2019